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The Forgotten Pearl Collection and Appreciation of Canton Enamel

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Zenger condensate collection CARVED wide color bowl
This bowl diameter 34 cm , interior Michikage figures , a total of 54 , in the perfect , the color material is typical painters , Kerry Michihiro culmination of color .
Figure / Man China Zenger condensate collection network
China Reuters wide collection of color, namely Guangzhou, polychrome , also known as the "Guangzhou woven gold polychrome " , namely the use of a variety of colors and white porcelain in Phnom Penh on the hook, description , fill , producing magnificent effect, is unique in Guangzhou polychrome varieties. Wide color appears in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , has 300 years of history, is the famous " foreign goods ." At that time, Europe 's nobility wanted from the world-famous Chinese custom ceramic porcelain , and Guangzhou is the only trading port , and a group of craftsmen, so the kings and nobles to order designs to Guangzhou , and then from Guangzhou local artisans for their craftsmanship ceramics and ceramics for daily use , so many wide color patterns have a " Western style ." It features wide color porcelain white porcelain painted in red, green and other colored materials, consisting in applying gold color patterns , creating fire in China late Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi , Yongzheng early maturation in the Qianlong Jiaqing period.
In many people's minds, wide color are some of the less delicate porcelain , red and green , magnificent , composition harassment , pattern stylized, vulgar , complete with Chinese traditional elegance elegant aesthetic appeal contrary . Can we did not expect is that once the full access to broad -color , wide color especially early , but it is so exquisite.
Qianlong wide color boutique
More importantly , wide color carries meaning that it was the task of spreading Chinese culture . Chinese culture, external communication , before the invention of the photographic art is not , except for some painting , wide color is the most important carrier of Chinese Qing foreign exchange one of the most beautiful card . Especially in the 18th century Europe , wide color is the darling of nobility . It is no exaggeration to say that the early fine wide color is the " export kiln ."
However, due to a large number of fine wide color now only castle in Europe, see inside the palace , there are also spread out many of the late rough products, the world wide color on a misunderstanding become mainstream . Many people do not see is that wide color magic is in Guangzhou do not own kiln , but it can create burn out so obsessed with Europe and the United States 200 years of history of porcelain , which is unique in the world . Objective evaluation of broad color , the only way , wide color retrocession have roots.
Kwong Kwong Choi Choi Thirteen Treasures collection level
At present , wide color Jingdezhen porcelain is much lower than the market price . Ordinary coarser wide polychrome few thousand there , and more beautiful is the early wide polychrome few million to ten million a price, even generally lower than export porcelain kilns of Jingdezhen low price . While the top of the early Qing Dynasties is the highest broad polychrome several hundred thousand , far less than the hundreds of billion produced in Jingdezhen kilns . Canton porcelain collection threshold is relatively low , investment appreciation prospects, it is now widely color " Taobao" best golden period .
Wide color collection of misunderstanding : not all are worthy of wide color collection , Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, including the post- production of the wide color seen regardless of their degree of fine workmanship , or the long-term value of the collection is extremely good, wide collection color should be looking for a boutique mid- morning for the last, late Qing fine for the second . In figure paintings , the bird fleas of times. Also because of the price of its artifacts picture card contents fine level , and the number of people to decide. ( China Deng / collate reports )

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