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Chinese book on countering coronavirus becomes available in Arabic

时间:2020-06-29  作者:  来源:

 A Chinese book on countering the COVID-19 pandemic has become available in Arabic with the translation recently completed, Ahmad Al-Saeed, chairman of the Cairo-based Chinese institution Wisdom House for Cultural Industries said Monday.

The 96-page Arabic version of the Chinese book on anti-coronavirus A to Z is titled "Advice of Professor Zhang WenHong on controling COVID-19," said Al-Saeed, who is also the translator of the book.

The book provides the scientific understanding so far about the novel coronavirus and its outbreak, as well as guidelines on the virus prevention and control, and its translation aims to share China's rich experience in dealing with the virus, he said.

According to Al-Saeed, the book not only shares China's clinical experience and public health responses, but also offers advice to people on how to protect themselves from coronavirus infection, with details of what home-quarantine, self-isolation, mask wearing, and social distancing, among others, are intended for.

It also includes anti-virus recommendations including how to wash hands, take elevators, use air conditioners, and deal with pets.

Al-Saeed said the recommended practices are a better and simpler way to protect people's health. "If each person manages to protect himself, the contagious disease won't build new circles of infection," he added, citing the book.

Zhang, 51, lead author of the Chinese book, is the head of Shanghai's COVID-19 clinical expert team, and director of the Center for Infectious Disease at the Shanghai-based Huashan Hospital of Fudan University.

The Chinese book was published in March in China, with its English, Spanish and French editions launched in early June.

Zhang and his team have made the book royalty-free for editions in many languages.

Mohan Kalsi, chairman of Royal Collins, which is the publisher of the book's Spanish and French editions, has said he believes the book could help more doctors save more lives, thus benefiting people around the world.

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