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   产品名称: Sweet love digital publishing

still busy with the new album " LP " propaganda WangXiaoKun , has cerebral palsy children with disabilities for the sweet relief charity fund theme song " Sweet Love" , home to budding singers charity song to sing this song .

former model home to the world media has been produced by the sweat , Chen Bo Lin , Ivy Chen , Hu Ge and other inspirational drama starring " modern new human " plays Ogg iceberg, more singing its episode " No guess ", so fans fans fascinated .

this WangXiaoKun lyrics of Sweet Charity Fund composing the theme song " Sweet Love" , WangXiaoKun laughs this is his first time writing love songs, but the creative process is hearty, "Four Seasons reincarnation stop, watching every life , some people get lucky , but you crying, putting worldly landscape,

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